Imagine a Pedestrianized Ave

Can you imagine "The Ave"(aka University Way Northeast) in the University District being open only to people walking or the occasional delivery trucks dropping off business supplies? The community can! This is just one exciting result of months of meetings, surveys, one-on-one outreach, and planning workshops. Opening The Ave, as the proposed pedestrian-only zone is being referred towould create more space cafe seating in the street, open-air markets, community gatherings, for people to enjoy. Check out this early rendering of what that might look like: the ave cross section pedestrian only ave from above in colorThis transformational vision would make the The Ave Seattle’s second pedestrian-only small business street, the first being Occidental Ave in Pioneer Square. occidental   This bold proposal was arrived at by an extensive process of community and stakeholder engagement led by the U District Mobility Group. The U District Mobility Group is comprised of a Working Group: U dist mobility working group   With support and direction from a Strategy Group: u district mobility strategy group   U District Mobility group has hosted 19 outreach meetings, 3 community workshops, an outreach table at the University District Streetfair, online surveys, and numerous one-on-one conversations. In the end, people preferred the option with a pedestrian-only Ave three times more than any other option! meeting #3 photo of drew facilitating Drew Dresman from University Greenways and Seattle Children's Hospital leading a table discussion of the options. This process has been community-led, and will require support from people like you to help it come to fruition. Want to help make this a reality?