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What's Happening in the 2023 Seattle City Budget

Advocates like you rallied across Seattle, giving public comments and writing to elected officials to push for a city budget that aligns with your values and priorities. On Nov 29, City Council finalized the 2023 Seattle City Budget. After a tough year with low revenue projections, next year’s budget includes some wins and setbacks for people walking, rolling, and biking.

Three photos in a banner: A child holding a sign that reads "Look out for pedestrians" behind a pile of flowers; A woman wearing a dark blue hijab and and sitting in a wheelchair, waiting to cross the street; A person in a blue jacket riding a bike in a protected bike lane with a colorfully painted concrete barrier.

3 Big Wins:

  1. Vision Zero budget increases to $8 M …

ACT NOW for a 2023 City Budget that reflects your values!


Thank you to those of you that have been engaged in Budget Advocacy already this year! We’re now in the home stretch. 

The City of Seattle is failing to reach its safety, equity, and climate goals. A budget is a moral document, and we are working with the Seattle Solidarity Budget Coalition to ask the City Council to amend the Mayor’s proposed budget to better reflect our shared values.

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Critical Local Funding for Walking, Biking, and Transit at Risk

Can you take a moment this Earth Day to help protect $80 million in funding for walking, biking, and transit projects from the chopping block? Your voice is needed -- Click here to send an email to City Council.

The Seattle City Council is

proposing to redirect $80,000,000 from walking, biking, and transit projects to pay for bridge repair

over the next twenty years. While we are supportive of increased …