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2015 Growing A Garden of Greenways

Lake City Greenways Builds Community In Olympic Hills Pocket Park Lake City Greenways Builds Community In Olympic Hills Pocket Park Cathy Tuttle, Executive Director December 2015 Let me tell you a story about one person who reached out to neighbors over the past few years, and with their help – and a little help from Seattle Neighborhood Greenways – built a park, got safer routes to their local school, slowed traffic on one of Seattle's most dangerous streets, and helped …

Social Justice in the Crosswalk

Dec 9, 2015 By Robyn Kwon

Is walking across the crosswalks in Seattle more dangerous for certain people with different ethnic backgrounds? During a summer observational field experiment, we tested the hypothesis to see if drivers’ behavior exposes racial or sex bias towards pedestrians. Our results found that White males had a shorter wait time and lower average number of vehicles that passed before a vehicle stopped compared to Black …

#Party4OurStreets Awards

Dec 9, 2015 As a grassroots organization the energy, vitality, and strength of our organization comes from our amazing volunteers. We are so proud of their donations of time and energy this year and wowed by how much they accomplished! shirley winning 2015 Check out the awards below for our 2015 categories:
  • Amazing Advocacy
  • Greenway Champion
  • Community Builder
  • Exemplary Street Experiment
  • Fact Finding
  • Public Servant
  • Wendy
Advocacy header Popular Vote Winner: Advocacy Let's Move Seattle

Voted by popular choice …

Child-Friendly Transit

by Andres Salomon, NE Seattle Greenways Andres and Atom travel around Seattle by bus and bike December 7, 2015 Seattle voters recently approved the Move Seattle levy, which contains funding for a number of exciting transit projects. Seattle's Department of Transportation is currently planning at least two of these projects; a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line running along E Madison St, and another BRT line running from Northgate to …