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7 reasons raised crosswalks are awesome

What is a raised crosswalk?

A raised crosswalk is simply a crosswalk that is higher than the surface of the road. Raised Crosswalk in West Seattle This West Seattle raised crosswalk makes this business district safer to walk around

7 reasons raised crosswalks awesome

  1. Safety and comfort for people crossing: We know that how fast someone is going determines how likely they are to see and stop for sometime trying to cross the street ( …

Designing New Capitol Hill Park, Share Your Ideas!

by Brie Gyncild, Central Seattle Greenways Central Seattle Greenways is partnering with the Capitol Hill Community Council and SDOT to transform an under-used block of road into a new Capitol Hill park! We kicked off the process at the April Community Council meeting, and will be designing the park over the next several weeks, for construction late this summer. Learn more and share your ideas at Central Seattle Greenways website …

A Network of Safe Streets

For the first time ever, two greenways are crossing paths! Thanks to the consistent and focused advocacy work of Ballard Greenways and Seattle Department of Transportation, the NW 58th Street Greenway goes west to east from Shilshole to 4th Ave NW, crossing 17th Ave NW that goes between Leary Way NW and NW 89th St. Read more about this historic first piece of a citywide safe streets grid at Seattle …

Our 2016 Priorities

Every year our coalition of 19 local groups comes together to set priorities for the year. This year, we picked three priorities that affect the entire city, and one priority for each City Council District. Click on a priority to learn about it more in-depth. 2016 priorities meeting Our annual priorities meeting empowers our grassroots advocates to decide what issues we should focus on.

Citywide 1: Safe Routes to School

Citywide 2: Complete …