Our 2024 Priorities

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways Volunteer-led Neighborhood Groups 2024 Priority Vote

Every year Seattle Neighborhood Greenways works with its 10 volunteer-led neighborhood groups to set city-wide priorities for the organization. Together the neighborhood groups recently approved the 2024 priorities that will guide SNG’s work for the year.

The priorities for this year are as follows:

  1. Seattle Transportation Funding: The Seattle Transportation Plan will be finalized this year, and the levy to fund it will be voted on in the fall. Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is committed to advocating for a bold transportation plan and funding package that will build a safe, equitable, and sustainable transportation system over the next decade plus.
  2. Vision Zero: We will continue to advocate to make every Seattle street safe to walk, roll, and bike so that everyone can get home safely. This work includes advocating to fix the city’s most dangerous streets - MLK Jr. Way S, 4th Ave S in SODO, Rainier Ave S, and Aurora Ave N (lead by the Aurora Reimagined Coalition).
  3. UngapTheMap: We’ll continue our advocacy work to connect every neighborhood with a safe bike route. Key corridors of focus include Beacon Ave S along its southern sections (led by Beacon Hill Safe Streets) and Sylvan Way SW & Fauntleroy Way SW (led by West Seattle Bike Connections).
  4. Mobility Justice: Ongoing support of Whose Streets? Our Streets! (WSOS), a Black, Indigenous, and People of Color SNG work group advancing mobility justice for communities of color in Seattle. WSOS helps Seattle’s BIPOC communities learn skills, create relationships, obtain education, and build community power through workshops, listening sessions, community events, and drawing connections between transportation, safety, displacement, and community.
  5. Places for People: We’ll be advocating for streets that reflect community needs and priorities not just for mobility but also as places to gather, play, build community, support small businesses, and enhance the quality of our lives.

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