Get Involved — Seattle Neighborhood Greenways

Get Involved

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is a crowd-sourced, people-powered movement. That means we need to pull together. There are so many ways you can get involved!

Find and help out your local neighborhood group or join with some of your neighbors and start a group where one doesn’t yet exist.Join with us at the citywide level as we plan and advocate through meetups, walks & rides, mapping, membership, grantwriting, research, communications, and social events.Check out our annual campaigns. Every year, the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways coalition of neighborhood groups develop and advocate for a list of top priorities. We’ve had amazing success with these priorities the past thanks to people like you! Donate to our work to inspire volunteer coalitions all over Seattle to identify, advocate for, plan, implement, and activate a linked network of safe and healthy streets for people completed by 2022.Contact us!