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Michael Colmant Memorial Ride & Walk

Michael Colmant was passionate about swimming, running, cycling, and aviation. He was a dedicated colleague at King County International Airport, helping to lift up people of color in his profession. He was a loving father and caring friend.

On April 11, 2021, Michael, 63, was

hit and killed by a driver

while biking. The driver fled the scene and is still at large. They were driving a Silver 2000 Lincoln …

What's Next for Stay Healthy Streets?

In the last year, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people outside—walking, skateboarding, biking, and rolling down the streets—and engaging with their neighborhoods in a big way. What’s next for the City’s temporary street programs?

Click to watch this video about the Stay Healthy Streets Program in 2020:


In the spring of 2020, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways pushed the idea of Open Streets as one of our …

Update on $80 million funding debate + Saturday Memorial Walk

We recently wrote about protecting $80 million in funding for walking, biking, and transit projects from the chopping block. On Monday, the City Council voted to punt this decision to the fall budget process. We are disappointed the City Council did not stick with the SDOT and community stakeholder proposal. That proposal would have doubled funding for Vision Zero, created the first-ever bike route maintenance fund, made …