What's next for safe streets with our new mayor?

2022 is going to be a big year. At the start of both the Murray and Durkan mayoral administrations, we had to fight to restore critical walking and biking projects that were delayed, canceled, or watered down. Will we see the same pattern with mayor-elect Harrell? Only time will tell, but it gives us pause that he let competent SDOT director Sam Zimbabwe go. Will you chip in to make sure we can respond to whatever comes our way under this new mayor? 

The good news is that the public is on our side. Seattleites overwhelmingly want our new mayor to dedicate more street space for sidewalks, bike lanes, sidewalk cafes, and bus lanes, even when it means removing a lane of traffic or parking. But general public support can easily be drowned out by a few loud angry voices. That’s why our proven strategy of organizing supporters in neighborhoods around the city is integral to creating better streets. And we get results!  Below are a few highlights your support made possible in 2021:
  • Tripled the funding for equitable and data-guided safe street projects.
  • Extended the successful Cafe Streets program that 260 small businesses have used to stay open. 
  • Kept seventeen Healthy Streets open for thousands of people to enjoy.  
  • Continued organizing our Whose Streets? Our Streets! BIPOC working group, which built important new relationships this year, and celebrated the movement of 120 parking enforcement officers from SPD to SDOT as a first step towards removing armed police from traffic enforcement.
  • Celebrated safe routes for people to walk and bike to the three new light rail stations this year, representing years of advocacy, including the John Lewis Memorial Pedestrian bridge, protected bike lanes on Green Lake Drive and 100th street, and better sidewalks on NE 43rd street.
  • Won $1.5 million to repair sidewalks and add curb ramps to make walking and rolling more accessible to people of all ages and abilities.
These improvements would not have happened without supporters like you — thank you. If you can, please consider making an end of year gift to power our work into 2022. 


  With your support, next year we will…
  • Fight to improve safety on some of our most dangerous streets including Aurora Ave, MLK Way S, and Airport Way S. 
  • Build relationships and advocate to shift traffic enforcement from SPD to SDOT.
  • Bolster struggling small businesses with street cafes and pedestrian-only streets.
  • Advocate to close dangerous gaps in bike routes that leave families stranded. 
  • And support everyday people across the city who want to get organized and make their neighborhoods better places to walk, roll, bike, and live.
Thank you and happy holidays! 

Gordon Padelford Executive Director Seattle Neighborhood Greenways

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