Our 2016 Priorities

Every year our coalition of 19 local groups comes together to set priorities for the year. This year, we picked three priorities that affect the entire city, and one priority for each City Council District. Click on a priority to learn about it more in-depth. 2016 priorities meeting Our annual priorities meeting empowers our grassroots advocates to decide what issues we should focus on.

Citywide 1: Safe Routes to School

Citywide 2: Complete Streets Advocacy

Citywide 3: 20/25 Speed Limit Campaign

District 1: Greenways along Spine of West Seattle

District 2: Continue Rainier Ave S Safety Fixes

District 3: Central Area Greenways completion

District 4: I-5 Freeway Crossings for People

District 5: N 92nd St Safe Route to School

District 6: 6th Ave NW Ballard to Greenwood

District 7: Safe E-W Route in South Lake Union

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