2014 Wendy Award Goes to Seattle Family Biking

Seattle Family Biking prepares bikers for any kind of weather while having fun! Seattle Family Biking prepares bikers for any kind of weather while having fun! When Seattle Neighborhood Greenways (SNG) leaders evaluate the ability of our streets to serve people of all ages and abilities to safely and comfortably walk and bike, they keep in mind the persona, or personification of the interested but concerned person we are advocating for. "Wendy" is the name of our persona and has been written about extensively.   The Wendy Award in 2014 goes to Seattle Family Biking Facebook group, a growing collective of individuals who gently provide advice about safe routes, biking hills with kids and groceries in tow, and smart gear choices to keep comfortable whatever the weather. Seattle Family Biking also reaches out to the larger community for bike-y playdates, and kid-friendly events that can be easily biked to. Tasha Walston started the page, and dozens of family bikers support her including Madi Carlson, Davey Oil, Sara Daum Fowle, Barbara Gordon, Morgan Scherer, Robin Randels, Suzi Zook, Maritess Zurbano, Shirley Savel, Brad Hawkins, Jalair Box, Reb Roush, Forrest Baum, and Jason Kiker. The Wendy Award Honorable mentions also go to person or group that has done the most to encourage new people to walk, bike on, and love our shared streets.
  • Alison Campbell Schwartz: SDOT Traffic Safety staff who developed a program to teach children skills to survive as they cross high speed streets around Rainier Vista. Photos.
  • Merlin Rainwater: S.L.O.W. (Senior Ladies on Wheels) rides. Our shared streets should serve all ages and abilities, 8-to-80 year old users. Merlin developed bicycle rides to inspire and encourage 80-year-old riders. FB Page.
  • Critical Lass / CycloFemme / Kidical Mass / Familybike Seattle: Madi Carlson, Morgan Scherer, Robin Randels, Barbara Gordon, and Jennifer Litowski. Critical Lass inspires new women bike riders.  Familybike Seattle hosts monthly Kidical Mass rides, as well as workshops and seminars on family riding, Family Bike Expos, and operate a cargo bike rental fleet.
  • West Seattle Bike Connections: Summer Streets Bike Rodeos. Kathy Dunn, Maddie Dunn, Al Jackson, Theresa Beaulieu, Bob Winship, Jay Guettler, and Don Brubeck.