The Great Ballard Pumpkin Count

photo courtesy Madi Carlson @familyride photo courtesy Madi Carlson @familyride The theory to test: Pumpkins per block dramatically increase after greenways are added to Seattle streets. Pumpkins may potentially be a good (and fun!) indicator of community connections, family-friendliness, walkability, and health. Ballard Greenways pumpkin counters want to carve out a head start on pumpkin counting. Here's their invite.
  • Meet at 5:30 p.m. at 17th & Leary on bikes for preliminary count of 17th Ave NW
  • Stop at 6:30 p.m. at Chuck's Hop Shop 656 NW 85th St. for a glass of pumpkin beer
  • Return south via 6th Ave NW and West via the wonderful NW 58th St Greenway for a fun ride to another prospective greenway
  • Folks should bring lights!
Ballard and several other local greenway groups will to do pumpkin counting on Halloween night as well. They'll look at existing greenways and proposed greenways. Ideally, they'll collect data and save it so they can compare pumpkin counts in the same locations next Halloween. Parents and kids will count, Halloween partygoers will count. Pumpkin counters need to create an on-line spreadsheet to collect reports. Meanwhile, debate is raging about pumpkin counting criteria. Should counters count all pumpkins or houses with any number of pumpkins as a single entity? Should we count smashed pumpkins? And what about those small pumpkins?  Gourds? Fake (plastic or fabric) pumpkins vs real pumpkins? Anyone up for the count?