Local Leaders Agree: We're About More Than Just Greenways

At our Coalition Summit on October 4, 26 neighborhood greenways leaders from around Seattle got together to discuss the future of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways. The big question of the day was whether, by advocating for infrastructure beyond neighborhood greenways, we have expanded our mission too far, or if we are simply better reflecting the needs of our communities. Three years ago, six people met in a church basement to strategize how to bring Portland-style neighborhood greenway streets to Seattle. Since then we have grown to 20 grassroots groups encompassing much of Seattle, that work on a vast array of safe street issues including safer intersections, pocket parks in the street, sidewalks, protected bike lanes, safe routes to school, signal timing, arterial safety, and of course, neighborhood greenways. The neighborhood leaders at the summit unanimously decided that we are headed in the right direction, and that while we will always be huge advocates of neighborhood greenways, they are only one tool in our toolbox to create safe and healthy streets for all people. Thank you to everyone who made this productive day such a success!


Photos courtesy of Cathy Tuttle.