Local Greenways Leader Edmiston Inspires National Bikeway Design Standard

Courtesy of PeopleForBikes Courtesy of PeopleForBikes "Every new bike project should strive to be usable by a 12-year-old." That's the simple takeaway of PeopleForBikes' new "Build It for Isabella" campaign. The reasoning goes, if it works for Isabella, a 12-year-old eager to explore her neighborhood by bike, then it will probably work pretty well for the rest of us. The idea is one legacy of Roger Geller's groundbreaking theory that there are at least four types of bike riders in any city: a very small percent are "strong and fearless," a few more are "enthused and confident," and a good third are "no way, no how" non-bikers. But the majority are "interested but concerned," people who would bike more if they felt safer or more comfortable. Inspired by this research, Bob Edmiston of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways created the character of Wendy, the willing-but-wary cyclist. As Seattle Neighborhood Greenways advocates for safe street designs, we've strived to keep this "willing but wary" demographic at the front of our thinking. Building on Edmiston's work and inspired by a conversation with Geller about his own daughter, PeopleForBikes is launching "Build It for Isabella" as "a new north star in bikeway design." Read the full article here.