Support Prop 1 for Seattle Parks on August 5 2014

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways endorses Seattle Proposition 1 to fund our parks. We support this stable and Tim Eyman-proof funding source that will allow us to pass down a beautiful and functional park system – not a park maintenance backlog – to our children and grandchildren. Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.01.37 PMThe Seattle Neighborhood Greenways community coalition envisions a Seattle Parks system where our kids can safely bike to and through parks for fun, or simply to get home. We envision a Seattle Parks system where grandparents can safely walk and go through as they enjoy staying active. The Seattle Parks ballot measure calls out “Activating and Connecting to Greenways” as a good first step towards this vision. In order to create an equitable system that serves all Seattleites, parks need to be accessible on foot or by bike. “Activating and Connecting to Greenways” will provide $315,848 per year to allow the Parks Department to work across silos and collaborate with Seattle Department of Transportation to make our parks more accessible to everyone. In addition, “Activating and Connecting to Greenways” will give the Parks Department funding to help provide valuable expertise when Seattle starts to host open streets events (similar to Portland’s Sunday Parkways) that link together multiple parks. We recognize that equity goes beyond physical accessibility, and park investments should proactively enrich all communities. Proposition 1 will also enhance Parks facilities such as community buildings with drinking fountains and restrooms that will make it easier to comfortably choose to walk or ride bicycles throughout Seattle. We are pleased Proposition 1 will continue to emphasize providing resources to areas of high economic and cultural diversity, so that everyone will have access to clean, safe, green public places. We look forward to Seattle’s parks being well-maintained and accessible places for people for many generations to come. Cathy Tuttle, Executive Director Seattle Neighborhood Greenways On behalf of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways Core Leaders