Welcome New SDOT Director Scott Kubly!

IMG_6371 Cathy Tuttle, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways Director, Elizabeth Kiker, Cascade Bicycle Club Executive Director and Ed Ewing, Cascade Director of Diversity and Inclusion welcome Mayor Murray's selection for new SDOT Director Scott Kubly (in yellow tie). "We'll give people very attractive choices, so that when it comes time to make a trip, people choose to walk or bike or take transit because it is the most attractive option." - Scott Kubly, SDOT Director We are thrilled to welcome Mayor Ed Murray's choice for the new Director of Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), Scott Kubly. Hailed by Mayor Murray as "a transportation visionary," Kubly most recently headed up Alta Bike Share in Portland, and previously had leadership roles in the Chicago and Washington DC Departments of Transportation where he was known to be an action-oriented leader who promoted walking and biking. In his opening statement at Mayor Ed Murray's July 2 press conference Kubly said:

I am new to the city, but I spent the last couple of months getting to know the city. I noticed three things. First, Seattle is booming, there are cranes all over the city. The second thing that is readily apparent is that the transportation system needs to adapt to meet the challenges and opportunities that come with that growth, while also taking care of the basics. That means investing in a transportation system that will help us grow, and attract and retain employees. Finally, we need to invest in new transit, in new bike and pedestrian facilities so we can make sure we can move all these new people around the city as well as the people who are currently living here.

While there are many challenges ahead to quickly get to a safe, healthy, accessible transportation system that truly serves us all, we feel totally aligned with the directions being taken by Mayor Murray and his new SDOT Director. Welcome Scott! We look forward to many productive years working with you to build a livable, walkable, safe and healthy city!