Lake City Greenways Develops a New Park!

All told, 63 people participated in this community-led design concept. That is phenomenal. You can see the complete design HERE. There was strong general agreement among participants that they wanted a natural-feeling park with native plants and the enjoyment of flowing water. Additional elements rose to the top as they worked through their discussions. The attached site-concept rendering and some other illustrations provided by the designers at Johnson+Southerland are quite easy to read, but to jump-start your perusal, just a few elements include the following: Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 8.36.22 AM *Distinctive entryways at both the 27th and 28th Avenue ends *A pleasant and ADA-accessible pathway through the site *Sitting rocks, providing naturalistic seating for all and fun for kids *A bio-filtration garden that will help clean the water flowing into the site and into our tributary of Thornton Creek *A flowing creek (no culvert) with a simple wood bridge *Down side-paths, different "rooms" such as a fern garden, a flowing-water feature, and edible berries. Please take a look! This is but the first phase of the project, and Lake City Greenways will keep pushing forward with design and funding efforts to make this park a reality. A huge thank-you to all who participated and/or will join the project as it continues. Stay tuned.