Current Projects — Seattle Neighborhood Greenways

Current Projects

1) Whose Streets? Our Streets!

A BIPOC working group collaborating with many other organizations to remove the police from traffic enforcement, prioritize non-punitive methods for making streets safer, abolish the enforcement of actions that don’t harm other people, and invest in communities. Learn more.

2) UnGapTheMap

Many bike lanes in Seattle start and stop, stranding people on bikes in the middle of scary intersections. We are advocating for a citywide comfortable, connected bike network in our long-term planning (including the Seattle Transportation Plan), as we organize locally around specific priority gaps and install DIY signage to help people navigate the streets now. Learn more.

3) Healthy Streets

Open streets pilot programs that we advocated for during the pandemic were widely supported. Now we are building on momentum for these programs (including on Lake Washington Blvd. and Alki Point) and pushing for promised permanent implementation that complements other programs and creates more space for people on our neighborhood streets. We are advocating for quality baselines, expanding the network into dense neighborhoods, and increasing artwork and community elements. Learn more.

4) Vision Zero

The City of Seattle committed to Vision Zero – the goal to have zero traffic deaths or serious injuries on city streets by 2030 – but our pedestrian safety crisis peaked in 2021 with 31 people killed, and 2022 has not been better. We are advocating for a greater emphasis on safety in funding and planning our street improvements, and focusing neighborhood energy on three corridors: Aurora Ave N, MLK Way S, and the Georgetown to Downtown connection through SODO. Learn more.

5) Cafe Streets

We are building on the success of pandemic programs that kept small businesses open and enlivened our streets and communities, and working to create a permanent Cafe Streets program (currently set to expire in 2023) that is more equitable, safe, collaborative, accessible, and bold. This is also an opportunity to advocate more widely for further pedestrian-only street policies and programs. Learn more.

6) 15 Minute City

Our city’s upcoming Comprehensive Plan update will shape land use for a decade. We are building relationships with organizations in housing and land use spaces and promoting the 15 Minute City concept as an organizing principle for our future city planning. Learn more.

7) Safe Routes to School

Our past advocacy secured funding for a new full-time Safe Routes to School Coordinator at Seattle Public Schools. We're working with the new employee to identify and address systemic issues with school transportation, as well as continuing to push for School Streets, better support for walking and biking programs, and school-specific projects. Learn more.

8) Home Zones

We recently won a huge increase in funding for Home Zones in Seattle, and are now advocating for a permanent program that is equitable, successful, and bold in responding to community needs. Learn more.

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