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Downtown Waterfront

Did you know?

Did you know the still-under-construction waterfront trail ends at Pier 62 next to the aquarium and doesn't connect to the Elliot Bay Trail?

Thousands of people walking, biking, rolling, and running will be attempting to connect these two trails every day.

the downtown waterfront trail gap Alaskan Way v2

Thankfully, SDOT is working to build a trail to close this gap. But last year the Port of Seattle asked SDOT to detour everyone using the future trail across the busy Alaskan Way roadway, twice, just to continue onto the rest of the trail.

This is not an acceptable solution.

unnamed (2).jpg

Here's what this gap feels like today

people crammed onto a small sidewalk space with lampposts as obstacles next to the large and under-used Alaskan Way:

unnamed (1).jpg

We must create a safe water-side trail that provides a direct and convenient experience for everyone.

If necessary, exceptions could be made for temporary and short detours during heavy cruise ship loading and unloading times.

Our elected leaders need to hear that we care about creating a seamless and safe waterfront trail connection. Join us in reaching out to the Port of Seattle -- we can't do this without your help!

Take action today!

Update (5/16/23):

The Port has released a statement supporting a west side trail, but with significant caveats. We are assessing whether their caveats can be addressed while still creating a safe and seamless trail experience for all.